2019 nonprofit partners


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is honored by this gift from HUMANITAS, in recognition of Matthew Carlson’s script for the Netflix show “Alexa and Katie.” This show tells the story of a teen battling a serious illness—something so many of our patients face. We truly appreciate the support, which helps us create hope and build healthier futures for infants, children and adolescents.

- Alexandra Carter, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer

We are so honored to receive the non-profit prize from the HUMANITAS program in relation to the Independent Feature Film award given to Doug Atchison for his outstanding script for the Brian Banks movie. The prize money will be used to free other innocent people from prison, wrongfully convicted just like Brian, and without resources to prove their innocence.”


At its best, education aims not just to impart knowledge, but to spark curiosity and imagination so that each new generation can powerfully meet the challenges of their time. Since 2004, Story Pirates Changemakers have been providing high-quality creative writing programs in under-resourced schools in order to show kids that their words, their ideas and their stories matter. As a philanthropic partner of HUMANITAS, we’ve been afforded the opportunity to bring our work to the children who need it the most. HUMANITAS knows that storytelling is humanity’s most powerful tool to teach and inspire, and their support of organizations like Story Pirates Changemakers is making a meaningful difference in the lives of young people throughout Los Angeles.


Stories in which justice and humanity prevail against the odds are an inspiration to us all. A Place Called Home is thankful to the HUMANITAS prize, Doug Atchison and Brian Banks for shining a light on the powerful story of Brian's very real experiences and struggles to overcome injustice, regain his freedom and rebuild his life. We are honored to be the beneficiary of the cash award, and the funds will be fully invested in APCH programs to provide education and opportunity for young people in South Central L.A., so they can be the authors and advocates for their own life stories. Bravo and thank you!

- Jonathan Zeichner, Executive Director

We’re thrilled to have Amy Sherman-Palladino as a staunch Planned Parenthood advocate and incredibly grateful for her support, alongside the outpouring of support we’ve received over the last few years. We know that so many people stand with Planned Parenthood-- including artists and entertainers -- because they and their loved ones have relied on us for health care. Planned Parenthood’s millions of supporters, including Amy, are mobilizing to protect Planned Parenthood and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights and will fight like hell to ensure that people can continue to get the care they need.

- Caren Spruch, Director of Arts and Entertainment Engagement

We are thrilled to be acknowledged by the Humanitas Award 2019 and thank screenwriter David Magee and the foundation for this wonderful surprise and gracious generosity. It acknowledges not only our work as an organization and European talent filter but, more importantly, the work of many European filmmakers and their inherent, cultural storytelling. Our work is an investment in the writers and supporting them to develop their screenplays into the most compelling story possible to ensure their films reach an international audience. 2018 reaped awards and prizes for many films including 14 German Film Prize nominations, 7 German Film Awards, a Swiss Film Award nomination, 4 independent jury awards - Intl. Berlin Film Festival and the German Film Prize for Human Rights, among numerous others. In the past three weeks of 2019 one filmmaker received a Bavarian Film Award and two Austrian Film Prizes and a Finnish project, nominated for six Jussis (Finnish National Film Awards) received the 2019 Intl. Berlin Film Festival Crystal Bear for Best Film. This donation is the silver-lining and important to our organization. We feel deeply, deeply honored to be a recipient of this award. On behalf of all of us at eQuinoxe Europe, thank you.

- Ellen Winn Wendl, Chairman


Our core mission at Ghetto Film School is to educate, develop, and celebrate the next generation of great storytellers. We are honored to be a recipient of the HUMANITAS Prize for our dedication to nurturing young writers and emerging creative talent across the globe.

- Stosh Mintek, CEO

The Alliance of Women Directors (AWD) is proud and honored to be recognized by the 2019 HUMANITAS Prize, as our values and goals are aligned in working to empower artists whose work brings the global community together. AWD believes that stories, told by all voices, elevate our society and create a legacy of equality and compassion. We are grateful for the recognition and financial support from HUMANITAS to advance AWD’s initiatives that highlight underrepresented artists and promote a more inclusive entertainment industry.

- AnnaLea Arnold, Executive Director