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As wonderful and as impactful as the work that is done by actors, directors, and producers may be, the reality is that they stand on the shoulders of the writer. Before a character is realized, before a scene is visualized, before a budget is itemized, the writer must make their imaginings concrete. The simple truth is that nothing much happens until the writer writes, and nothing much better happens unless they do a decent job of it. HUMANITAS is here to empower and champion the cause, the purpose, and the task of the writer, these architects and agents of change, whose vision and craft lay the groundwork for the art that becomes our legacy.
— Ali LeRoi, President

HUMANITAS and the Storyteller


2019 Award Winners


Our Awards

HUMANITAS recognizes and honors film and television writers who entertain and enrich their audiences with accolades, including The HUMANITAS Prize and The Kieser Award. We also reward the talents of young writers with our two college fellowships: The David and Lynn Angell College Comedy Fellowship and The Carol Mendelsohn College Drama Fellowship. To learn more, please click below. 

The Humanitas Prize

The David and Lynn Angell College Comedy Fellowship

The Carol Mendelsohn College Drama Fellowship

The Kieser Award

Our Programs

HUMANITAS is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of writers with two programs: NEW VOICES, for television writing, and PLAY LA, for playwriting. To learn more, please click below.


NEw Voices

Annually, this program awards $60,000 in grants and provides mentorship to talented young writers.


Play LA

A workshop for the development of original plays within the Los Angeles theatre community.     



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HUMANITAS exists to recognize, encourage and empower writers who teach us how to embrace our common humanity by way of their unique and powerful voices. These storytellers help us to consider our place in the world, and examine our own moral compasses. In this day and age, now more than ever, it is a noble mission.
— Cathleen Young, Executive Director