Do I need a recommendation?
Yes, applying is a 2-step process. First a recommendation from an industry professional (agent, manager, showrunner, development or current executive or HUMANITAS Board of Director or Trustee Member) must be submitted through the website. Once the recommendation is received you'll be sent access the application.

Someone recommended me. Do I still need to apply through the website?
Yes, you must submit your application after being recommended. 

Someone recommended me but I am not sure who. Can you tell me who recommended me?
Due to the high volume of applicants who are recommended we will be unable to accommodate this request. We encourage you to reach out to your contacts that would qualify to recommend you. 

After my recommendation is submitted when will my application be sent to me?
You will receive access to your application 3-5 business days after your recommendation is received. 

Do you accept submissions from a writing team?
Yes, please submit one application per writing team.

What are the formatting guidelines for submission materials?
All materials should be submitted as a single PDF file. 
Brief synopsis should be one brief paragraph.  
Letter of interest should be 1 page, double-spaced.
Bio should be 1 page, double-spaced.
Resume should be no more than 2 pages. 

How do I combine my files into a single PDF document?
We suggest you combine your files on a single word doc, format, then export to PDF. You also may merge and arrange your PDF files on Adobe.

What is the brief synopsis?
The brief synopsis summarizes the pilot story.

What should the letter of interest include?
It should include why you'd like to participate in the NEW VOICES program, and how your background and experience make you a unique new voice in television. 

Who should I address the letter of interest to?
It is not necessary to direct it to any one person.

Is the resume only supposed to include writing-related experience?
No, please include all work experience, including writing.

Do I include a letter of interest, bio and resume for my writing partner?
Yes, please submit separate bios, work resumes, and letters of interest for both partners.

May I submit a one-person play as the one-act sample?
Yes, as long as it's 70 pages or less. 

May I submit a feature script?

Does age affect my eligibility for the NEW VOICES program?
No, age is not a factor. You may apply at any age as long as you meet the other requirements. 

How much television experience can I have and still be eligible for the NEW VOICES Program?
A writer can have experience up to the level of "Staff Writer", but not beyond.

Do I need to be concerned about language or sexual content in my script?
No, it is not necessary to censor your material when submitting to HUMANITAS' NEW VOICES program.

Does HUMANITAS own the scripts we submit?
No, you own your material. 

What is the submission deadline?
March 9, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Though we will receive applications until midnight, the HUMANITAS office will close at 4:30pm so we encourage you to submit by then, should you need assistance.

Can I have an extension?
Unfortunately, no extensions can be given. 

Do you accept international entries?