HUMANITAS has partnered with other non-profits who share our mission of encouraging and empowering the next generation of writers.

Drawing from the research presented in Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits, we realized we could advance our cause by building networks with allies rather than viewing other non-profits as competitors for resources. We believe in  'walking the HUMANITAS walk' by sharing our resources and helping like-minded organizations.  That way, we can have a bigger impact than we would going solo.

-Cathleen Young

Through Hedgebrook’s partnership with HUMANITAS, we’re unleashing the powerful, transformative force of women storytellers on the world. And we need to be hearing equally from women in the cultural conversation, now more than ever, for meaningful dialogue that can effect change in all aspects of our lives. HUMANITAS has supported the launch of two Labs, one for screenwriters and one for documentary filmmakers, that bring mentors and mentees together for a ten-day residency and workshops at Hedgebrook’s renowned retreat on Whidbey Island, north of Seattle. HUMANITAS inspired a coalition of allies, women writers at the top of their game in television and film (known as the 'Woolf Pack' in honor of Virginia Woolf and her famous call for 'a room of one’s own' for women writers) who are collectively supporting the launch of the Labs, and engaging in ongoing conversations about how to transform the industry towards gender parity. Together, we’re cultivating the next generation of female filmmakers. And watch out world! - these filmmakers are extraordinary! HUMANITAS has made it all possible. 

— Amy Wheeler, Executive Director

2016 Partner 

Similar to HUMANITAS, our vision at KidUnity is to change the world one child at a time by preparing him or her for civic leadership. HUMANITAS' generous grant helped underwrite the launch of our innovative experiential learning program Civics in Action – The Iowa Caucuses. Through this program, KidUnity trained students to be investigative journalists at the 2016 Iowa Caucuses. The students interviewed a number of presidential candidates, political reporters, and community leaders - and were even featured in the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post! One student's comments expressed our thanks to HUMANITAS: 'Iowa opened the doors for me as a reporter, changing my life forever. It is an experience I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life.'                                                                                       

— Peter Sheehy and David Snow, Directors

At its best, education aims not just to impart knowledge, but to spark curiosity and imagination so that young people can powerfully meet the challenges of a new generation. Since 2004, Story Pirates has been providing high-quality creative writing programs in under-resourced schools in order to show kids that their words, their ideas and their stories matter. As a philanthropic partner of HUMANITAS, we’ve been afforded the opportunity to bring our work to the children who need it the most. HUMANITAS knows that storytelling is humanity’s most powerful tool to teach and inspire, and their support of organizations like Story Pirates is making a real difference in the lives of young people throughout Los Angeles.

 — Jamie Salka, Executive Director

Through HUMANITAS’ continued support of our organization, Affordable Living for the Aging, we have been able to reach more vulnerable populations to provide affordable housing and services in Los Angeles. HUMANITAS is deeply committed to sharing their resources to empower many organizations in the community, and through this mission, they have continued to demonstrate the principles and ideals of stewardship, community, and shared humanity. Thank you HUMANITAS. 

— Antonio Manning, Executive Director

HUMANITAS is dedicated to highlighting the best, and the most powerful, creative offerings, words and images that bring change into the world. That mission is in perfect alignment with WriteGirl's goal of empowering the bold and elevating voices of teen girls. You encourage us to say more, say it louder, and say it together. 

— Keren Taylor, Executive Director

As organizations who champion stories and storytellers, the Writers Guild Foundation and HUMANITAS have enjoyed a wonderful partnership based on our love of words, film, TV, and the visionaries who entertain and inspire us. Just as film and television possess the power to reach many, so do our collaborative efforts to engage and support current and future generations of writers. WGF is honored to work alongside HUMANITAS on this shared mission.

— Katie Buckland, Executive Director

We were so honored to have received the HUMANITAS Prize for our work nurturing young storytellers, especially young people who are so often marginalized because of their economic class, immigration status, or race. At the heart of all we do is a deep commitment to equity and justice, achieved by teaching the next generation how to harness the power of story to illuminate both our differences and our shared humanity. What an extraordinary affirmation of the value of our programs, and the creative works of our young filmmakers, photographers, and writers, to be acknowledged by HUMANITAS alongside some of the best writers for film and television.

— Lynn Warshafsky, Executive Director

2010 Partner

826LA is proud to have been awarded the HUMANITAS prize and to have been included as a partner through the years. It is inspiring to see the work they do since it connects deeply to what 826LA strives to inspire in youth. We want to help build the next generation of storytellers who can feel empowered and safe to share their unique experiences with the world. We need to all work together to continue to learn from each other and build a more inclusive society that understands and values powerful writing.

— Joel Arquillos, Executive Director