‘Lucy In The Sky’ Trailer: HUMANITAS Trustee Noah Hawley Takes Natalie Portman On A Celestial Adventure

There are few working writer/directors in Hollywood with as much potential as Noah Hawley — the man behind FX Network’s “Fargo” and “Legion” has consistently produced some of the absolute best content on television over the last few years, with a discerning eye for striking imagery and effective storytelling, but he has yet to make the jump over to the big screen. Now, he makes his feature directorial debut with “Lucy In The Sky,” formerly known as “Pale Blue Dot,” which has its first trailer out.

Starring Natalie Portman, who looks to continue a hot streak of strong performances after “Annihilation” and “Vox Lux,” “Lucy in the Sky” is inspired by the infamous real-life story of Lisa Nowak, a NASA astronaut who drove from Houston to Florida to try and kidnap the lover of her fellow astronaut and ex-boyfriend William Oefelein after a mental breakdown. It remains to be seen whether or not the film will include adult diapers, which have become a popular urban legend surrounding Nowak’s road trip to Florida.

Watch the trailer here.

“Lucy In The Sky” centers on a married astronaut who returns to Earth after a mission and begins an affair with a fellow astronaut. She heads into a downward spiral as she loses her connection to her family — a condition that can afflict those who spend a long time in space — and when her lover begins another affair with an astronaut trainee, the bottom drops out.

Co-starring alongside Portman as Lucy is Jon Hamm, playing her lover Mark, Zazie Beetz, playing the trainee Erin, Ellen Burstyn as Nana Holbrook, and Hawley’s “Legion” star Dan Stevens as Lucy’s husband Drew. With the pedigree of its cast and writer/director, as well as its true-life inspiration, the likelihood is Fox Searchlight Pictures will push the film for next year’s awards consideration.

Lucy In The Sky” will be released sometime later this year.

Source: https://theplaylist.net/lucy-in-the-sky-trailer-20190319/

Lena Parodi