HUMANITAS Winner Tim Robbins Narrates 'Fahrenheit 451'


tim-robbins-451-mainOscar-winning actor, writer and activist Tim Robbins is the latest narrator behind an audiobook version of Waukegan native Ray Bradbury’s popular 1953 novel “Fahrenheit 451.” The story of censorship and censuring in a vaguely Midwestern society where “firemen” are charged with burning outlawed books and homes that house them, the award-winning title was once read for audio by Bradbury himself.

“When you read a book and you are able to use your mind, you are more dangerous to those in power,” Robbins said in a statement issued by, which is owned by Amazon. “But, for all its dystopian nature, there’s a great hope in the book as well. And the hope is in words and in continuing to carry on the tradition of literature.”

“The whole format of audiobooks is, in a way, making sure that Fahrenheit 451 doesn’t happen,” Robbins added. “It’s creating another way for literature to survive. If the audiobook is heard, more people will discover what is a great book.”

Robbins’s version is available for download from starting Oct. 21.

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