HUMANITAS Board of Directors' Tom Fontana Signs Deal with Gaumont


fontana-mainThe Negotiator has a deal.

It will be one of two drama series Gaumont International Television (GIT) and Emmy-winning writer-producer Tom Fontana will develop, the company announced at the start of MIPCOM.

Based on the 2011 bestselling memoir of psychologist-turned-hostage negotiator Ben Lopez, The Negotiator: My Life at the Heart of the Hostage Trade, the drama will delve into the world of K&R (kidnap and ransom).

The deal was announced by GIT CEO Katie O’Connell.

“It’s a really interesting character study about someone that goes in and specializes in K&R, and there’s a complexity to that character going into those situations. Tom is perfectly suited to embrace that,” O’Connell told The Hollywood Reporter.

The second project from the Oz creator will be a gritty sci-fi series Falling Onto Mars, based on the Hugo-winning short story about a prison colony on the red planet.

Fontana and producing partner Barry Levinson will executive produce both projects.

"Katie O'Connell and the Gaumont team have been doing some of the most intriguing series on television,” said Fontana. “I'm delighted to be developing, with them, two very unique and groundbreaking projects."

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