HUMANITAS Trustee Vince Gilligan Gives 'Breaking Bad' Postmortum


vince-gilligan-main-8-12The "Breaking Bad" triumvirate — actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul and the show's creator, Vince Gilligan — had just seen each other a couple of nights ago at the Television Critics Assn. Awards in Beverly Hills. The week before that, they — and their better halves — broke bread to celebrate the Cranstons' 25th wedding anniversary.

Still, despite these recent get-togethers, there was much to discuss, including the crazy, unsanctioned Kickstarter campaign for a "Breaking Bad" sequel starring Val Kilmer (the trio have no plans to contribute), the insanely popular, carbon-copy Colombian remake of the show and, of course, "Better Call Saul," the "Breaking Bad" spinoff that Gilligan is shooting with Bob Odenkirk. ("You can't really call it a show yet," Cranston teases. "It's still in the womb, gestating. There's going to be a bloody afterbirth when that spews out on the floor.")

And while we were interested in all these things, we really wanted the chance to tie up some loose ends and bid farewell to "Breaking Bad," which came to a spectacular, satisfying end in September and is up for its last hurrah at the Emmys later this month. Over iced tea and coffee, sweetened (but not with Stevia!), we sat Cranston, Paul and Gilligan down together at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, which led to a few discoveries and confessions, no half measures offered or accepted.

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