HUMANITAS Winner Ruben Santiago-Hudson Opens Fine Arts Center in Hometown


art-gallery-mainAs the award-winning entertainer Ruben Santiago-Hudson stepped up on to the stage in the brand-new Lackawanna building that bears his name Sunday afternoon, he immediately began to fight back tears.

“I’m usually reserved and calm, but I might bust some tears today,” he said. “I guess I’ll do that right now.”

The 57-year-old actor, writer and director took a minute to compose himself and wipe away the tears with a handkerchief before he began a speech offering his deepest thanks to officials of Global Concepts Charter School for naming its new Ruben Santiago-Hudson Fine Arts Learning Center after him.

He said he got choked up because he couldn’t stop thinking about his boyhood days in Lackawanna, and all the friends, loved ones and especially, the adult role models who helped him become a success in Hollywood and on Broadway.

It means the world to him, Santiago-Hudson said, that while many schools throughout the nation are deleting or downgrading their drama, arts and music programs, the new center in his hometown will help high school students reach for their dreams.

“Our most valuable resource is our children,” said Santiago-Hudson. “When we nurture and feed their minds, their minds grow.”

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