From HUMANITAS Trustee Steve Levitan, HUMANITAS Winner Modern Family's Gay Wedding Episodes Strike the Right Balance


ModFamWeddingWriter/producers Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan have carefully navigated the issue of marriage equality with nuance and respect. Television weddings are as old as test patterns. From the day Simon wed Vicky on A Country Practice, and Scott and Charlene on Neighbours to the double wedding of Darcy wed Elizabeth and Bingley and Jane in the critically exalted TV adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, they have been a staple of popular culture.

To that honour roll we can add Carol and Mike (The Brady Bunch), Matthew and Mary (Downton Abbey), Pam and Jim (The Office), Luke and Laura (General Hospital), Joanie and Chachi (Happy Days) and Monica and Chandler (Friends) to name but a half-dozen more.

But the wedding of Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet) - on the American television comedy Modern Family - has been a year in the planning and the splendid, ludicrous, hilarious finish was well worth the wait.

Modern Family, about three branches of one family tree, has a proven track record of doing multi-layered story-telling well, and as multi-layered stories go The Wedding parts one and two were built like a wedding cake.

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