How HUMANITAS Trustee Marc Guggenheim, Writer and Executive Producer of Arrow, does his Job

Marc Guggenheim is an accomplished showrunner and television producer, but he is, more than anything, a writer. His work spans many media—from television to film to novels and comic books. He’s even written for video games.

He’s currently the co-showrunner of Arrow on The CW, as well as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. (Being a “showrunner” is similar to being the director on a film—they have broad creative control and manage all aspects of the project.) But his work is wide and varied; he wrote the 2013 film Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, worked on the screenplay for Green Lantern, has written for both DC Comics and Marvel, and is currently writing the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D comic book series. And that’s while he still runs the two television shows. He certainly knows how to get things done.

LifeHacker spoke with Marc to learn about how he works, sans super powers. See the full details here:

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