Interview with HUMANITAS Winners Michelle and Robert King on NPR

The CBS drama series The Good Wife explores the behind-closed-doors drama of a smart female lawyer who stands by, silently supportive, as her husband admits to scandals both political and extramarital. Robert and Michelle King, the real-life husband and wife team who created the show, say that when it came to creating the series' main character, it was a question of art imitating life.

Robert and Michelle King are the creators and executive producers of The Good Wife. The series follows a smart female attorney who stands by her politician husband following a public scandal.

"When we pitched this project there were, like, five or six [scandals]. I mean, it felt like every other week or every other month there was this poor woman standing by her disgraced husband and it was just this kind of nightmarish scene where the wife did nothing wrong, but was kind of dragged up there as a prop," Robert King tells Fresh Air's David Bianculli.

The couple noticed that many of the wives involved in the real-life political scandals were powerful women in their own right. In many cases, the women had put their careers on hold to support their husband's interests.

"And the question, of course, was also, 'Why does she stick around?' " Michelle says. "Because so many of these women, in fact, did continue on with their marriages."

The question of what comes next after public humiliation and betrayal forms the core of The Good Wife. Since the beginning of the series, the audience has watched as Alicia (Julianna Margulies), the wife in question, has come into her own. She has engaged in love affairs, returned to practicing law, started her own firm and run for state's attorney.

Alicia's life is unpredictable and sometimes unstable, which is what her creators want. "So often it's either a hero or an antihero," Michelle says. "I think we're aiming just for a regular person with all their complexity and messiness."

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