HUMANITAS Trustee Shonda Rhimes to Receive Sherry Lansing Leadership Award


shonda-THR-award-mainShonda Rhimes has been tapped to receive The Hollywood Reporter's Sherry Lansing Award at its 2014 Women in Entertainment Breakfast.

The award, which recognizes a woman who is a pioneer and a leader in her industry, will be presented during the VIP breakfast to be held Dec. 10 at Milk Studios in Los Angeles.

"Over the past decade, Shonda Rhimes has completely redefined the way women are perceived on television — and therefore in society too," Lansing said. "She’s created iconic roles for women; she’s put women front and center in the national debate; and she’s also been a pioneering force in leading the way for African-American women in the media. And what’s amazing about her is, she hasn’t just done this once: she’s done it over and over and over again. She’s a creative, intellectual and artistic powerhouse, and I’m thrilled she’ll receive the award that carries my name."

“Shonda Rhimes represents a unique embodiment of the spirit and value of the Women in Entertainment initiative,” said Janice Min, co-president and chief creative officer of Guggenheim Media’s Entertainment Group. “As a person whose creativity, talent and drive transcend boundaries, Shonda is fearless in her career, owning the Hollywood conversation with her portrayal of diverse, strong female characters. I’m truly honored this extraordinary woman is helping us carry this torch.”

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