1. What is the submission window?
September 1 - October 10, 2019 at 11:59pm PST.

2. Can you wave the submission fee?
Unfortunately, we cannot. Every entrant must pay the $100 submission fee per entry. Short film submissions are $50.

3. My film aired at an independent film festival but also had a theatrical release. Which category should I submit to?
You are eligible to submit for both the Independent Film and Feature Film categories. You can submit the same script to each category.

4. My television show is not exactly 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Is it eligible?
Yes, the time constraints are not exact. Please submit to the category that corresponds with the genre.

5. The film/episode I am submitting will release or air after the submission window. Is it eligible?
Yes, any scripts for films and shows that will release or air between January 1 - December 31, 2019 are eligible for this year's Prize. 

6. The film/episode I am submitting will release or air after the submission window. Will it be kept confidential?
Yes, all of our judges sign confidentiality agreements. If there is a concern about a specific script please email us.

7. The script I would like to submit does not have an official confirmed air date. It will be airing before the end of the year though. Can I put the tentative air date and follow-up if they end up moving it earlier or later in the season?
Yes, please put the tentative air date and update us.

8. Can I submit a preferred script?
No, please submit your final shooting script. 

9. For documentaries that do not have credited writers, should I list the director and/or producer in the writer section?
Please list whoever would receive credit for creating the documentary. If there aren't credited writers we find most entrants list the director. Some list the producer if they are involved in the creative process.

10. Do I have to submit a script for my documentary?
No, please just submit the film via direct file upload or youtube /vimeo link.

11. Do you accept docuseries in the documentary category? Do I need to submit a separate entry for each episode?
Yes, docuseries are eligible. Please submit by episode—each episode will be judged independently.

12. When submitting a script do I only redact the writer’s name or do I also redact the name of the show and network as well? Producer, director?
You only need to redact the name of the writer.

13. What does redacted mean? Why do you need the credits redacted from the script?
It means to remove the writer’s name from the script. We ask that names be redacted to provide unbiased judging.

14. Do you accept a feature screenplay that has not been sold or produced?  It has, however, been written and registered with the WGA.
No, we only accept screenplays that have been produced and released. 

15. Is there any circumstance in which a judge would view an episode/film?
Besides documentaries, we judge solely off the script to make a level playing field for all regardless of production budgets. 

16. Is this submission something that should be done by the writer or by the show on behalf of the writer?
It can be submitted by anyone who has permission from the writer.

17. Do you accept scripts written in foreign languages?
You must submit a script written in English. If the original script is written in a foreign language an English-translated script will be accepted. 

18. Does the teleplay have to release in the US?
No, the teleplay can release in any country on a national level (Broadcast, Cable, Internet or Satellite).

19. What kind of entries qualify for our Short Film Category?
In the Short Film Category, we accept live-action and animated material that is less than 40 minutes long which has either aired as part of a collection or series of shorts or that was screened at a film festival. This is different than an episode of a television show. For our purposes, a short film that is part of a collection stands on its own as a story, and all the episodes, before and after it, are not necessary to understand its context, nor do they feature the same characters or settings.